Garner Gardens is full of different plants that will catch your attention- whether they show off their bloom, cool foliage, stubborn spreading habit (weeds mostly), there is always a plant to get to know in these gardens! Many of the plants are edible- but be careful! Some, are toxic. Learning to identify plants in real life can be amazingly helpful- for food and for fun!



Iris germanica

We have two bearded irises that appeared in our iris section- how lucky are we! You can distinguish Iris germanica from Iris psuedacorus by the blade leaves- the germanica is much thicker and wider, and has a more blue hue to it. This bloom is the epitome of patience and anticipation! Toxic.


Iris psuedacorus​

Our yellow irises were donated to our garden by a fellow gardener, and will come back year after year. They are perennials, and they propagate via division- and can choke each other out if they get too dense. The more you share, the more they bloom! Toxic.


Trifolium incarnatum

This year, Horticulture II students planted Crimson Clover as a cover crop over all of our beds. Cover crops help to minimize erosion, act as weed control, and most effectively, clover fixes atmospheric nitrogen into the ground for plants to utilize. And the bees love her! She is not just a weed taking over! Edible flowers.


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